Here you are able to see examples of Gerry's work. Please note these are unique and one of a kind houses.


Country Life

Country life is a typical thatched cottage that can be found in many parts of rural England. Fully lit with real leaded windows, wood flooring, stairs to all floors, inglenook fireplaces and minstrel gallery etc.

Tudor vine dolls houses

A River Runs Through It

Inspired by the film of the same name this house, or rather two houses, are seperated by a small river/ stream with a rather nice bridge to walk across. On the ground floor and to the right is an open market while on the left is a shop. A small path follows the stream and then crosses over a bridge to the entrance of the house on the left. There are eight rooms in total, all fully lit, and as with all my houses, ready for you to furnish to your own taste.

Tudor vine dolls houses

Bridge house

Tudor vine dolls houses

The Market place

Tudor vine dolls houses

The Labyrinth

Originally built to exhibit at the London dolls house festival, this very unusual model was inspired by a David winter house, it's build was featured month by month in a dolls house magazine. By far the most fantasy creation undertaken yet by Gerry, each room has a theme, there is a secret garden with circular glass roof looking into the sky room, some of the other themes were an ice room, a chess room, fantasy shop, above the fantasy parts  the small Tudor village nestled and ast but not least a miniature working garden railway circles the house passing through parts of the house.

Tudor vine dolls houses


Wizard's Retreat

One of my favourite smaller fantasy tudor houses - The Wizard's Retreat - ideal for people with limited space.

Tudor vine dolls houses

Disney Fantasy Castle

The inspiration for this fantasy castle came whilst I was on a visit to disneyland, it's really a scaled down version of the amazing castle that greets you on entering the park, it's presently in orlando being used in a TV series called My Yard goes Disney. Price

Gerry Welch Manorcraft Dolls Houses Tudor vine


Tudor dolls house and fantasy dolls house commissions are regularly undertaken by Gerry for clients in the UK, Europe, the USA and the far east. Gerry's dolls house business Manorcraft has built up an enviable reputation as one of the premier bespoke Tudor dolls house makers in the world.

Client testimonials

' Thank you for designing such a wonderful house, it has taken me back to my childhood when time didn't matter. '

J. De Gruchy

Current Projects

Gerry is working on a new project book to purchase as a download from the site. Bookmark this page and come back soon to get the latest book.