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Welcome to the official website of Gerry Welch and Manorcraft Tudor style and Fantasy Dolls Houses.

Gerry has been building Tudor Dolls Houses for over 35 years and has built up an enviable reputation for bespoke and artisan houses within the dolls house and miniatures world. He has been often copied and emulated in his houses and design styles, but the quality, workmanship and the attention to detail within his houses is clearly visible and undeniably superior.

Some of his works incude 2 project magazines for Dolls House and Miniature Scene, working with David Young on Cobblestones, Cottages and Castles for Westcountry TV, the build of the fantasy style ' Labyrinth ' dolls house for Dolls House and Miniature Scene, working with Dollshouse TV for Dollshouse World Magazine and his most recent commission for a new fantasy style castle dolls House for a Disney TV series in the USA which is to be screened this spring on HGTV.      

Unlike most other Dolls House makers, Gerry only produces one of a kind Tudor style and fantasy dolls houses, so each house is absolutely unique to the purchaser.

You can see some of Gerry's favourite houses, commissions and other project houses on the ' Previous Work ' page.

You will be able to view current houses in stock and available to purchase on the ' For Sale ' page.

On the ' About Gerry ' page you will be able to view some of the Manorcraft portfolio and read more about Gerry and the development of his career in the dolls house world.


Gerry has been included in books, had books written about him and completed books on Tudor dolls house making for a variety of magazines, television programmes and private individuals.

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Tudor dolls house and fantasy dolls house commissions are regularly undertaken by Gerry for clients in the UK, Europe, the USA and the far east. Gerry's dolls house business Manorcraft has built up an enviable reputation as one of the premier bespoke Tudor dolls house makers in the world.

Client testimonials

' It is the pride of my collection. I look forward to your next magazine article with interest. '

Mrs Bernard

Current Projects

Gerry is working on a new project book to purchase as a download from the site. Bookmark this page and come back soon to get the latest book.